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  • September 21, 2023 edition - A Vancouver woman recounts her experience with Anti-Flag’s “punk rock predator”

September 21, 2023 edition - A Vancouver woman recounts her experience with Anti-Flag’s “punk rock predator”

Plus: the hidden homelessness of van camping

It’s funny how personal places can be. A corner we walk past every day might be where you had your first fight. A shop you’ve never been to could be the only place your friend can find his favourite drink. And maybe it’s his favourite drink because it reminds him of his ex-girlfriend and the weeks spent at her family’s vacation house in Mexico, and even though he loves his new partner you wonder if he cheats on her a little bit every time he has a sip of that specific imported soda.

A beach we frequent in the summer is home to people priced out of the city they helped build. A taqueria stands where the bar your life was turned upside down used to be. A place can change you—and when it’s swallowed up by the urban churn, who will even remember what it once was?

The city changes…and somehow the Straight is still here. Wild.


Commentary: My relationship with Anti-Flag’s Justin Geever

A photo of people, mostly blurred out. Visible are a young teenage girl with blond hair and a man with dark hair next to her.

Earlier this month, Rolling Stone revealed that over a dozen women had accused Anti-Flag lead singer Justin Geever of rape and sexual assault. Raynee, our editorial intern, was one of them. Here, she tells her whole story, on her own terms.

Warning: This personal essay recounts experiences of sexual trauma that may be triggering for some readers.


A figure sits alone on a log at the beach, looking out at boats and the North Shore mountains on a cloudy day.

Commentary: Sleeping in my van revealed hard truths about affordability in Vancouver

For two weeks this past July, while he attended a summer grad school program at UBC, Robert Mangelsdorf slept in his van. The people he met showed an often forgotten side of homelessness in Vancouver.

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VIFF is back with a stellar lineup of some of the World’s Best Cinema

From September 28th to October 8th, over 130 films will light up screens across the city for the 42nd Vancouver International Film Festival. The 2023 film lineup showcases some of the most visionary filmmakers from Canada and around the world. Meanwhile, VIFF Talks will give you a behind-the-scenes look at epic films like Barbie, Oppenheimer, and Dune. And VIFF Live invites you to experience immersive live shows that combine performance and cinema.

Tickets are on sale now. Explore the program and get yours.


A still from the film shows a mixed Latina woman on the left in profile, facing a white man on the right. Some other people are blurrily visible in the background in front of a house with a large porch.

VIFF’s Richelieu unearths iniquities rooted in Canada’s Temporary Foreign Workers program

Pier-Phillipe Chevigny initially conceived his first feature film, Richelieu, as a documentary. Sixty thousand foreign workers cycle through his home province of Quebec every year, yet their stories remain underreported. So, he turned to fiction to shine a light.

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A woman with wavy brown hair wearing a t0-shirt and jeans looks at the camera. She is in a forest and bathed in golden light.

Sarah Jane Scouten finds unending beauty in life's challenging times on Turned to Gold

When the Vancouver-spawned singer-songwriter picks up the phone in a tiny village of Moniaive in southwest Scotland, the first thing one hears is a faint but noticeable soft Scottish lilt. Mike Usinger talks to the Bowen Island-born, Scotland-based musician about her new record, Turned to Gold.


Hitting the stage for the first time in over five years

Blue i Radio Presents Danny and the Deep Blue Sea, an Apache Dance by John Patrick Shanley. An emotionally charged and thought-provoking play that explores the profound connection between two wounded souls, Danny & Roberta. Running September 26 - October 1 at The Nest.


A head and shoulders image of a man with pale skin and dark hair and a peppery beard looking at the camera.

What’s In Your Fridge: Doug Stephen of DL Chicken

The co-founder of DL Chicken, Downlow Burgers, Vennie’s Sub Shop, and the Drive Canteen takes his turn in the hot seat to talk about everything from first concerts to fizzy lemonade.


No price-hikes here.

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Firedamp at Western Front | September 22, 23 | 7pm, 8pm, 9pm

Firedamp is a new twenty-minute octophonic composition by Alexi Baris, developed as part of Western Front’s artists-in-residence program, and as a parallel event to Rachelle Sawatsky’s solo exhibition Vitals. [Free]

Richmond Culture Days 2023 at Richmond Cultural Centre | September 22 to October 15 | Varies

Experience creativity in every corner, share in the joy, and celebrate together as Richmond artists and arts organizations offer interactive events and behind-the-scenes access to a wide range of art forms and creative practices. [Free]

Shipyards Festival at The Shipyards | September 23 | Noon to 10pm

This one-day event features multiple stages with live music, a site-wide beer garden, an artisan market, food trucks, and more. [Free]

Tangerine Dream at Rickshaw Theatre | September 24 | 7pm

Tangerine Dream is performing at Rickshaw Theatre this Sunday. [$42.50]

The 2023 Festival features live performances, workshops and master classes, presenting exceptional and dynamic programs in celebration of our local, national and international connections and performers. [$26.25+]*

Interior Design Show | September 21-24

Explore top designers, use code IDSVAN2023 for 10% off, shop at the District, and join the Interior Design Show Party for unique installations and music. [$16+]*

Dr. Rogers Prize Gala at Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre | September 21 | 6pm

Tonight! The Dr. Rogers Prize Gala welcomes Dr. Marion Nestle - acclaimed author of Food Politics and What to Eat - to their keynote stage at Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre. [$175+]*

Want to know what else is happening in Vancouver? Check out our Events Listings.

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