July 6, 2023 edition - It’s the PRIDE edition

Plus underrated patios, safe supply, drag, burlesque, and more



Usually this here intro is our opportunity to wax poetic about all things Vancouver, from the salty shores to the snow-capped peaks… but we simply do not have time for that given the sheer amount of announcements we have for you today.

To start off, it’s a print week here at the Straight, which means that you’ll find our special Pride edition stocked up in those iconic newspaper boxes scattered throughout Metro Vancouver.

Secondly, we’d like to remind you that our Best of Vancouver Awards are currently underway, which means that anyone subscribed to the Georgia Straight newsletter (i.e. you) can head over to our Best of Vancouver portal and nominate Vancouver’s best businesses, people, and places in over 100 categories. This is your chance to show your love for your favourite things!

Thirdly… okay, there is no thirdly. But two announcements in one newsletter is still quite a bit, if we do say so ourselves.

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‘We all uplift each other’: How Vancouver’s drag and burlesque scenes are coming together

There is a lot of natural overlap between drag and burlesque.

Both involve storytelling through music or lip sync, and the term “reveal” has become deeply ingrained within the lexicon of each art form’s respective community—although there is a difference in meaning.

In drag, performers reveal a hidden costume piece, while burlesque performers reveal more skin and less clothing. There are also some practical similarities, with people from both scenes using the same designers and other resources.


The Dancing on the Edge festival of contemporary dance returns for its 35th landmark year

One of the most eagerly anticipated events in British Columbia’s contemporary dance scene, the Dancing on the Edge Festival returns July 6-15.

This year’s edition will once again deliver high-calibre, challenging, and gorgeous dances, bringing innovative and spell-binding works. DOTE will include a presentation of over thirty extraordinary indoor and outdoor live performances for eagerly awaiting audiences. Showcases include world premieres, North American and Western Canadian debuts, and works-in-progress from some of the most sought-after contemporary Canadian choreographers.

Visit DancingOnTheEdge.org for tickets and more information.


Safe supply advocates are fighting a war on two fronts

As a right-wing backlash ratchets up against safe supply, advocates on the ground are caught fighting a two-front war: defending the concept of safe supply while battling against the BC government’s interpretation of it.

Activists who have for years struggled against the government’s implementation of safe supply—which they say has been woefully and fatally inadequate—are now faced with a resurgent opposition to the program as a whole.

Since the release of Aaron Gunn’s Vancouver is Dying last fall, opposition to harm reduction—particularly safe supply and decriminalization—has ratcheted up quickly, with the National Post publishing a 10,000-word opinion piece on safe supply and Gunn producing a follow-up video called Canada is Dying.


Barocco Rave finds choreographer Wen Wei Wang working hard to have no life regrets

The streets of Siena, Italy, can get pretty crowded in the summer.

In the high season, visitors to the Tuscany hill town sometimes outnumber the locals. It’s not surprising, then, that when the Straight reaches Wen Wei Wang there for an interview via WhatsApp, the Vancouver-based choreographer describes the scene as “crazy”.

He’s there for Ballo Pubblico, the festival hosted by Siena’s Compagnia ADARTE. When we catch up with him, Wang is fresh from the world premiere of Barocco Rave, a dance work he created in collaboration with ADARTE’s Francesca Lettieri.


Try Canada Bubble Tea Festival’s limited edition specialty bubble tea. These "Fest of Love" bears come in three flavours: Rose of Burnaby Mountain, Maple in Deer Lake Fog, and Hollywood North Cranberry Apple Cider. All profits will be donated to local charities!

Only 499 bottles each flavour. Order yours today!


Music and style just two ways Bratboy makes sense of a weird world

Fashion has always been synonymous with rock and roll. Artists like David Bowie and Grace Jones have made indelible marks on both with their bold and singular styles. Vivienne Westwood, the late Queen of Punk, used clothing as a tool of resistance. The Ramones influenced generations of Converse- and leather-clad teens, as did Kurt Cobain with his flannel and ripped jeans. The list is truly endless—fashion and music have a powerful and reciprocal relationship, rooted in creativity, rebellion, and expression.


Calling all country music lovers! The Truck Stop Concert at Red Truck Brewery is back on July 15 featuring Drake White and The Big Fire and an epic supporting lineup.

Visit TruckStopConcertSeries.com and get your tickets today!


10 underrated Vancouver patios to post up at this summer

Ahh, the patio. A health precaution necessity during times of COVID. A beacon of brunch. A signifier of summer days. There’s no question so sweet as “inside or outside?” from the voice of an eager host.

That is, only when you actually find yourself somewhere with seats available. Which, in a city like Vancouver, is increasingly difficult to do.

It’s almost as though everyone wants to be enjoying a delicious drink in the sunshine on a patio-perfect day. How dare they? The sheer audacity.

We’ve got a list of spots that are perfect for forgoing the crowd so that you can post up with a Caesar in the shade, pronto.

🗓 Events & things to do


  • La Bulle: Charming and magical, La bulle features a life-sized, one-of-a-kind bubble tent and its sole inhabitant: Pierrot. You’ll be captivated as you marvel at his transparent life. | July 5 to 9 | $10+ | The Glade Woodland Centre

  • 35th Annual Dancing on the Edge Festival: The festival will include a presentation of over 30 extraordinary dance productions in live stage performances showcasing artists from across Canada. | July 6 to 15 | $20+ | Firehall Arts Centre

  • Theatre Under the Stars presents The Prom and Roald Dahl’s Matilda The Musical: Theatre Under the Stars invites audiences to witness the magic that comes from taking risks, celebrating differences, and accepting others for who they are with The Prom and Roald Dahl’s Matilda The Musical. | July 6 to 26 | $30+ | Malkin Bowl

This week/weekend

  • STICKY: A Post-it Note Art Show: STICKY features over one thousand tiny, original, pieces of art made on 3×3 inch Post-It notes. Over 100+ artists contributed six to 10 pieces each, with every Post-It priced at $20. | July 8 | Free | Burnout Cafe

  • Art Jam at the Farm: Art Jam at the Farm is a day of art workshops held at the Sperling Farm garden and studio in rural Langley. The event occurs on Saturday (July 8) and is sponsored by the Fort Gallery. | July 8 | $100 | Sperling Farm Garden and Studio

  • More Cheez, Plz! Sunday Drag Brunch: Hosts Valentina and Phyllis Hull are going to whip up a frenzy at your local pizzeria. Joined by special guests, you’ll savour this experience for a long time. | July 9 | $15 | Pizzeria Barbarella

  • Swim and resort wear sale! Featuring brands Seafolly, Jets, Becca, Maaji, and Lucky at huge savings! With wide range of fits and cup sizes. July 8-9 | 11am-5pm | #101 2245 West Broadway*

Next week

  • Vancouver Story Slam: Ten storytellers share unique, original short stories, with prizes awarded by audience vote. New participants are always welcome. | July 13 | $6 cash | Hero’s Welcome

  • All Over the Map 2023: In partnership with CMHC Granville Island, New Works presents an annual series of dance and music performances across outdoor spaces on Granville Island. | July 16 | Free | Granville Island Picnic Pavilion

  • From spine-tingling vocals to zydeco to global beats, the Vancouver Folk Music Festival delivers a scintillating slice of the world’s music and culture July 14-16. Get tickets here.*

Later this month

  • Sunday Afternoon Salsa at Robson Square: Sunday Afternoon Salsa is an annual series of free community events that begin with a free dance lesson followed by social dancing and dance performances. | July 16 to Aug. 20 | Free | Robson Square

  • Caribbean Days Festival is back July 29-30 at Town Centre Park in Coquitlam. Enjoy two full days of tropical rhythms, carnival, cuisine, and culture. All ages, free of charge.*

Next month

Find more things to do around the city in our events listings.

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