February 8 edition: The city’s prettiest bars

Plus: One man’s journey to make Vancouver’s best BBQ

Hey there. We all know that the internet has big impacts, many of them negative. But aside from swinging elections or turning young men into incels, it’s interesting to see the different trends that bubble up.

Like this weird little web-based game called Infinite Craft. The premise is simple: you combine two elements in ever-stranger ways. It goes, as the title suggests, infinitely, starting with fire, water, air, and earth, but quickly devolving into abstract concepts or, theoretically, totally unique new discoveries. I never would have heard of it were it not for someone on a Discord server mentioning it, but now it’s infiltrated all of my group chats as well as my Twitter—sorry, X—timeline. It’s cool to see something that cultivates joy spread in real time. 

And, like all online fads, it’ll probably be gone from our memories by this time next week.

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How living at home impacts the dating lives of Vancouver’s young adults

A young man and woman sit on a wooden bench, looking at a forest with soft lighting.

According to Statistics Canada, 35 per cent of people between age 20 and 34 live with at least one parent or grandparent, skipping high rents in exchange for living in their childhood bedroom. But, unsurprisingly, young people don’t want to tell their parents about their intimate lives—which makes bringing dates home tricky. Marisa Sittheeamorn examines how multigenerational living can get in the way of finding love—or even lust.


10 of Vancouver’s prettiest bars

A photo of the ceiling at Bagheera, curved and covered in intricate jewelry.

Some places are just made ready for the ‘gram grid. Whether it’s impressing an out-of-town friend or looking good online, take a moment to browse our picks of the prettiest bars in Vancouver. From intricate curved ceilings to romantic rooftop patios to chic tropicana, there’s a vibe here for every photo-worthy occasion.


Discover the Wine World at the Vancouver International Wine Festival

Interested in sampling exciting wines from around the world, increasing your wine knowledge, and finding exclusive wines to start or add to your cellar? 

The Vancouver International Wine Festival returns at the end of February with eight days of wine and food events. Choose from lively lunches, spectacular dinners, and themed tastings as well as the International Festival Tastings, the heart of the festival.

All 147 festival wineries and their vine stars will gather to pour select wines in the International Festival Tasting Room at four sessions, February 29-March 2. This year's theme is Discover Italy, with 71 Italian wineries featured, giving attendees an unparalleled opportunity to taste new and unique wines in a fun atmosphere. 

Learn more about the festival here!


Ebony Roots unearths the rich history of Black music

A Black bi-racial man sings in an intimate seting, with a musician visible behind him.

Black music has a long and storied history, which has impacted pretty much every pop genre you can name. Rock, hip-hop, jazz, metal, disco, funk, R&B, and even metal can all be traced back to the blues of Sylvester Weaver, Papa Charlie Jackson, and Sister Rosetta Tharpe—and the work tunes and spiritual hymns that informed them. Singer Brandon Thornhill tells us what went into creating Ebony Roots, a new show exploring the history of Vancouver’s black music.

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Pop Eye: What does Mike Usinger have to say about Drake whacking the mole?

A close-up portrait of Drake, wearing a black backwards baseball cap and black t

There’s a video going around the internet right now that sure seems to be Drake enjoying a date with Rosie Palms. In the era of generative AI and uncanny valley deepfakes, we’re not saying it’s definitely Champagne Papi beating the bishop, though the evidence certainly suggests it is. And look, for a guy whose controversies include everything from a secret lovechild to over-violent security guards, a possibly leaked video of him popping the plus-sized weasel is just another log to add to the fire.

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The Return Voyage | Chor Leoni And La Nef Sing Sea Shanties

Two of Canada’s most beloved ensembles set sail for the collaboration of the season! Chor Leoni reunites with Montreal’s famed ensemble La Nef, led by Shantyman Seán Dagher, for a concert of rollicking sea shanties. Experience a sea-faring spectacle that'll lift your spirits and leave you humming for days.


Rosie’s BBQ is all about the craft of smoking meat

A BBQ smoker filled with various types of meat

Part food truck, part caterer, and part wholesaler, Rosie’s BBQ and Smokehouse is a Texas-style mobile barbecue kitchen that’s all about the meat. It’s a one-man operation run by Karl Gregg: the kind of guy who follows his passions to an almost extreme degree. From getting so into Texas BBQ that be bought a house in Austin, to buying 180 pounds of hot peppers from a family-run farm in New Mexico, to getting an extra-large smoker custom-built, Gregg believes that if something’s worth doing, it’s worth going whole-hog.


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A woman discovers the power of her own desire in award-winning Bunny. (Feb. 8 to 18 @ Anvil Centre)

What’s with Shakespeare’s women, ask the players in Juliet: A Revenge Comedy. (Feb. 8 to 18 @ Historic Theatre)

The Lantern City returns with an array of beautiful lanterns to celebrate the Year of the Dragon. (Feb. 9 to 26 @ šxʷƛ̓ənəq Xwtl’e7énk Square [outside Vancouver Art Gallery] and various locations)

Child-ish sees adults relay the thoughts of little ones on big issues. (Feb. 9 to Mar. 9 @ Pacific Theatre)

Former Vancouverite Taylor Ashton returns. (Feb. 9 @ Fox Cabaret)

Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox makes new songs old again. (Feb. 10 @ The Centre for the Performing Arts)

The JCC Jewish Book Festival promises fascinating, thoughtful events from local and international authors. (Feb. 10 to 15 @ Jewish Community Centre of Greater Vancouver)

Don Pasquale gets a mid-century makeover from the Vancouver Opera. (Feb. 10 to 18 @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre)

East Asian-Canadian improv troupe Fistful of Kicks spans multiverses in Everything Improvised Everywhere Simultaneously. (Feb. 11 @ ANZA Club)

Want to know what else is happening in Vancouver? Check out our events listings.

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