February 6 edition: Do rats get a bad rap?

Plus: FIFA matches, cheap movie tickets, and Nicole Byer

Hey there. If you cast your mind all the way back to a couple of weeks ago, you might remember that I posed you, dear reader, a question: What is the Vancouver version of Scott Pilgrim?

Unsurprisingly, if you ask 10 Vancouverites this, you’ll get 11 answers. Our editor-in-chief thinks it’s Superbad; my partner says it’s The X-Files; and I’m partial to Twilight despite the fact that yes, it’s meant to take place in Forks, WA.

Other reader suggestions included Riverdale, The L Word, and 21 Jump Street. Almost everything shares the same issue of being filmed in Vancouver, but not technically set here. Neon Rider and The Beachcombers come closest, despite being in Mission and Gibsons, respectively. 

Perhaps the real answer is the Winter Olympics. It is, after all, the thing that most people will have watched that actually had our name on it.

— V.
Associate Editor


Is Rain City turning into Rat City?

A silhouette of a rat is visible in a metal tube.

Love ‘em, hate ‘em, or squeamishly fascinated by ’em: how do Vancouverites really feel about our local rat population? Adrienne Matei dives into the question of whether our rodent neighbours are really worth our scorn. The crux of our discomfort, she suggests, is simple: rats survive too well. And we’re hard-wired to hate anything we can’t control.


Vancouver to host seven 2026 FIFA World Cup matches

A fish-eye lens photo of BC Place during a soccer game.

Time to brush up on your off-side rules and soccer chants. BC Place is going to see five group stage matches, as well as two knockout games, when Mexico, the USA, and Canada share FIFA World Cup hosting duties in 2026. And, crucially: we’re hosting more matches than Toronto. Goal!


Look out internet, here we come.

oxio internet is made to be radically transparent. 

That means no hidden fees, no annual price hikes, and honest pricing-oh snap! So honest in fact that oxio will even show you where every single dollar you spend with them goes. Cuz being honest and responsible with your money should be the rule, not the exception. 

Curious what the buzz is all about? oxio offers a 60-day guarantee with all of its internet plans, so you can try them out first. And if you’re unhappy and still not ready to commit long-term, you can breakup with oxio in those first 60 days and they’ll give you all your money back. Guaranteed.

Start your transparent relationship today with code GEORGIASTRAIGHT for your first month free.


Nicole Byers is trying to make herself laugh

Nicole Byer reclines on a bed, wearing a blue dress and pink butterfly hairclips.

You might know her from her breakout appearance in Girl Code, her host shift on Nailed It!, or for her hilarious podcast Why Won’t You Date Me? The multi-hyphenate podcaster-author-actress-host-comedian sits down with us ahead of her Just for Laughs show later this month to tell all on life, love, and laughter.

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Can’t-miss concerts this month

A shoulders-up headshot of Dallas Green wearing a knit cardigan over a are chest.

Lunar New Year, Black History Month, and Valentine’s Day give us plenty to celebrate in a pretty grey month. You can also add a fierce line-up of live music to that list. Here’s our monster mega-list of music that’s rocking Vancouver this month, including sad guy supreme City & Colour.

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Postmodern Jukebox return this Saturday

Famed "Pop Concert In A Time Machine" concert act Postmodern Jukebox bring The '10' Tour to The Centre in Vancouver this Saturday Feb 10th. Where modern-day earworms and pop hits alike are reimagined in classic genres like 1920s jazz, swing and Motown. Tickets are almost sold out, get yours now!


PSA: Cineplex is offering $5 movie tickets and popcorn

a landscap shot of the entrance to a Cineplex, with "cinema extrance" above in art deco-style font.

Far be it from us to shill for a corporation, but hey, we love a movie (and a deal). Cineplex is offering throwback ticket prices and popcorn costs all month long, which is a bit of a bright spot in such a notoriously gloomy month.


Malaise dans la civilisation: a wacky performance pushing back social conventions

Four people enter a theatre. They wander around like tourists, clumsily playing and testing each other under the inquisitive gaze of the audience.

A strange and playful vivarium of sorts that rattles social and theatrical conventions.


Send Me No Flowers embraces classic mid-century rom-com trappings. (To Feb. 24 @ Metro Theatre)

Leanne Lai Hildebrand’s lanterns and artworks are on display in Chigiri-e: The Language of Paper. (To March 1 @ Pendulum Gallery)

Break out the Leonard Cohen sing-a-longs for Chelsea Hotel. (To March 3 @ Firehall Arts Centre)

Diane Severin Nguyen explores trauma and agency in If I hadn’t created my own world, I would have died in someone else’s. (To May 5 @ Contemporary Art Gallery) 

Enjoy classic childhood games and make new friends at Adult Recess. (Feb. 6 @ Conscious Lab)

The House of Gurl delivers The Draggy Bunch, a live sitcom show a la The Brady Bunch. (Feb. 7 @ The Show Cellar at Park Pub)

R&B master Eric Bellinger sweeps into town. (Feb. 7 @ Rickshaw Theatre)

Veteran environmental organizers lead Wednesday workshops on effective climate action. (Feb. 7 @ North Vancouver District Public Library)

Want to know what else is happening in Vancouver? Check out our events listings.

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