February 27 edition: Fighting for their homes

Plus: What are Vancouver’s coolest vending machines?

Hey there. When was the last time someone bought you flowers? 

I was thinking about this on Friday, when an old friend was in town. We met for coffee. She gave me a potted orchid.

The thought is very sweet. Unfortunately, my apartment is a shadowy north-facing cave. The flower is destined to wither and die as it searches for the sunlight that does not exist. Decay is inevitable—but, until then, it will be beautiful.

— V.
Associate Editor


East Van tenants are organizing to fight a potentially devastating real estate loophole

A blue development sign with "Save our homes" writtn on it stands outside a house in East Van

A seven-unit rental building in East Van is currently at the heart of a fierce battle. The landlord wants to turn the building into four strata condos—evicting the current tenants, and lowering the net number of units of housing in the city—through what seems to be a loophole in Vancouver’s arcane permitting laws. But residents are fighting hard to keep their homes.


Seven unique vending machines worth seeking out in Metro Vancouver

A man with a suitcase uses a colourful smoothie vending machine

We love getting a KitKat and an overpriced can of Coke from a vending machine just as much as the next person. But the humble automated selling box can also house some much more interesting dispensed goods. From calzones to canvases, here are seven outside-the-box vending machines to check out.

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Discover the Art of Cocktail Creation

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Over the Ridge gets its world premiere at Massey Theatre

A man in a dark button-up shirt is covered in red poppies.

A multidisciplinary show combining live music, storytelling, and ballet, is set to premiere next month. Based on affecting show Ridge by local acoustic-folk act the Fugitives, the production takes a hard look at the reality of the WWI Battle of Vimy Ridge. By adding movement, Over the Ridge promises to create a kinetic, gripping exploration of what war means, and what we can learn from tragedy.

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Sarah McLachlan announces huge hometown show

A close shot of Sarah McLachlan, with long dark hair and a floral shirt.

“Hold On” to your hats: Vancouver icon Sarah McLachlan is kicking off a six-week summertime tour with a hometown show. Before heading off “Elsewhere”, she’s headlining the Pacific Coliseum in celebration of the 30th anniversary of her platinum album, Fumbling Towards Ecstasy. And proceeds from the show are set to benefit the Sarah McLachlan School of Music, her non-profit organization that provides free music lessons to young people. Sounds “Good Enough” to us!

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There's More to My Story

At Family Services of Greater Vancouver, we know there’s more to everyone’s story. That’s why we take the time to get to know each of our clients as individuals, taking a trauma-informed approach that recognizes the unique personal histories and intersections that bring people through our doors. Learn more and share with #MoreToMyStory.


Tocador has had its liquor license temporarily suspended

Interior of Tocador, showing a patterned counter, colourful stripes on the walls, and tropical wllpaper mixed with comfy leather seating.

Main Street’s tropical Tocador has had its doors shut this week, after provincial liquor agents found the bar’s rowdy New Year’s Eve contravened the terms of its license. The bar was over-capacity and patrons were dancing, which is illegal under its municipal license. Sounds like we’re not beating the No Fun City allegations.


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ITSAZOO presents Sunrise Betties, a gritty look at Vancouver’s secret gang past. (To March 10 @ Russian Hall)

A violinist, harpsichordist, viola da gambist, and baroque flutist come together to play Telemann’s 1730s Paris Quartets. (Feb. 27 @ St. Mary’s Kerrisdale)    

VPL hosts a watch party for National Film Board of Canada shorts celebrating Black excellence. (Feb. 27 @ Vancouver Public Library Central Branch)

Curator Michael Dang discusses enigmatic queer artist Pascal. (Feb. 27 @ Western Front)

Avant-garde Lingua Ignota reinvents herself as gospel Reverend Kristin Michael Hayter. (Feb. 28 @ Rickshaw Theatre)

Banyen Books hosts philosopher Peter Singer for a digital discussion of his new book, The Buddhist and the Ethicist. (Feb. 28 @ online)

A modern sapphic take on Boys in the Band, Shared Space has its world premiere this week. (Feb. 28 to March 3 @ The Nest) 

City Opera Vancouver presents the Canadian debut of Song from the Uproar: The Lives and Deaths of Isabelle Eberhardt. (Feb. 29 to March 3 @ York Theatre)

Want to know what else is happening in Vancouver? Check out our events listings.

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